About us

Subtilu-Z is a gathering of extremely virtuoso sound aesthetics determined to achieve exceptional sound quality, which has significantly approached to the fulfilment of this ambitious plan over eleven years. Through empirical experience and in-depth research they succeeded to demonstrate to the world that a) music is not just a sound; b) musical instruments are not just the means to express energy; c) musical energy is never too much. Also, to confirm the long-known axiom that d) it is not important what you play, but how you play it.

This is the big four... More specifically, it is more than four, supported by good friends on the other side of the stage. Each listener finding himself within the coverage area of Subtilu-Z turns into a conspirator of this adventure, and a character of a musical narrative. They create what they think is the best thing in the world; they go towards what, in their opinion, is the vocation and purpose of music – to excite the listener, to talk to him, to reveal the inner significant experiences.

Subtilu-Z simply calls to experience the pleasure of music together, to give in to its energy, to turn off the analytical mind, to distance yourself from prejudices and simply hear something not expressed in notes or in words.

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